"A high quality cashmere garment deserves your embrace, year by year. The exceptional skin touch feeling makes you enjoy every Spring, Autumn and Winter".                                         


A London born brand with deep roots in China, we specialise in cashmere garment design and production using the finest Mongolian raw fibres. Over the decades, we have established a respectful bond with our farmers who, in turn, honour the goats and the land by limiting production. Grade A raw cashmere is the softest to touch but the hardest to come by and so we care for these precious fibres at every stage of our process. 


Cashmere is a gift for our senses and an offering to ourselves, with pieces we can cherish for years to come. It is our wish that these garments continue to give our customers sweet moments of luxury and an experience of beauty, every time they are worn.

Eleanoren Vintage cable knitted finest cashmere jumper