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About Us


Our Origin

Meet Eleanor, a sweet and cheerful little girl who adores the cool and drizzly weather of Britain. She found pure joy in running around Terrence Garden on Richmond Hill, the very place where the story of Eleanoren begun. An expression of a mother's love, capturing the essence of warmth and tenderness in every exquisite piece.

Our Team

We, first of all, are avid lovers of cashmere. We launched Eleanoren in 2020, but our team has over a decade of experience in the cashmere industry. We are specialises in cashmere design and production. 

We were always enchanted by the natural resilience, softness, and warmth of cashmere fibres, and for long years, we have made it our lifework to design fashion articles that capture the fibres’ charms. Feeling the needs to spread the joy of owning a genuine cashmere of the highest grade.

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“To us, cashmere is both a fascinating material as well as a gift from nature. From the harsh Mongolian winter comes one of the softest, durable, and prized fibres known to man”

--- Eleanoren


Gentle Touches, Gentle Ways

Over the decades, we have established a respectful bond with our farmers who, in turn, honour the goats and the land by limiting production. Grade A raw cashmere is the softest to touch but the hardest to come by and so we care for these precious fibres at every stage of our process.


We only use Grade A Mongolian cashmere, which directly and sustainably sourced from our long-term partner farms. We always take pride of our very definition of excellent shape-keeping capability as well as luxurious skin touch by using least softener.

With our commitment to effortless elegance, we craft our products to be timelessly beautiful and captivating. We aim to make each piece a beloved classic for years to come.

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